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Configuring Advance Discount Options

The Advance option allows the user to configure more discount types other than the basic value and percentage options.

Let’s learn what these Advance options are and how to apply them[spacer height=”20px”]

Navigate to the Type section of the Discount screen, and click the  Advance button

Two radio buttons will appear (Discount on Item and Discount on Total Amount.) giving you the option to apply the discount on items or total amount.

Radio Buttons Explained

 Discount on Item:

If you select this radio button, the selected advance discount type (from the Select Type drop-down menu) will be applied to all items or specific items depending upon what you chose:

Advance discount option on discount screen

Once you have made the selection, click Save

     Advance Discount types

    The Select Type drop-down menu will show the various types of discount that you can apply on items:

     Fixed Price: If you select this type and enter a certain amount in the Price field, the entered price will be applied to all the selected items in your store.

Discount on Total Amount:

Selecting this radio button means you want to apply a discount to the total amount of the receipt. This amount can be both in percentage or value.

For example, if you want to give a 10 percent discount to customers whose receipt amount is, say, 20,000, you will enter 20,000 in the Receipt Amount field. And in the Discount field, select percentage icon and enter 10 in the field.

Discount on total amount screen

Click Save.

Similarly, you can give a discount of a certain fixed amount by entering the receipt amount and selecting the value option.



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