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Applying Simple Discounts on Selected Items & Shops

You can customize Discount screen in  Nimbus RMS  to apply discounts to selected items or on selected shops.

Let’s learn how to do it.

Applying Discount to Selected Items[spacer height=”20px”]

On the Discount screen, enter the Discount Name, select the From Date and the To Date.

Now navigate to the Type section and select the Simple. 

New fields will appear

In the Discount field, select Value or Percentage

Enter discount amount or percentage

Simple discount


Discount type

Now select ALL if you want to apply the discount on all items.

If you want to apply the discount on specific items, select Specific

apply the selected discount

How to select Specific Items:[spacer height=”20px”]

When you select the Specific button, three radio buttons will appear showing the three ways in which items can be selected: Item List, Item Selection and Load File

Select the required radio button

Select specific item from mentioned options

 Item List radio button:

search item

Scan the item on which you want to apply the discount, or click the help icon to select and add items. You can also add items by entering the item code or name.

select item by clicking

Order search results

Click Save.

Item Selection radio button:[spacer height=”20px”]

Item selection

This radio button gives you the option to make department wise or category wise selection of items

Select the Department and Category

Click Move Next button

The items will be added in the table below on the screen according to the selected department and its category.

You can add multiple items from the same department by changing its category and clicking the MOVE NEXT button.

Repeat this till you have added all the items of your choice.

Note: You can select single or multiple departments from the drop-down depending upon your choice and then add specific items by selecting the different categories defined for each item.

select multiple department



 Load File radio button:

This option is used to add items directly by uploading a file

Note: The file should be in CSV or txt format.

Review the uploaded items


Applying Discounts on Selected Shops[spacer height=”20px”]

If you own a number of shops, you can configure different discount campaigns for each shop.

Enter the Discount Name, select the From Date and the To Date.

From the Select Store drop-down, select the store  

The discount campaign will be applicable to the selected shops.


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