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How to Attach Modifiers to Menu Items

Note: Before attaching modifiers to menu items, ensure you have defined modifier groups and modifiers according to your restaurant’s needs.

Attaching Modifiers

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to attach modifiers to menu items:

From the restaurant dashboard, select “Modifier Attachment.”

The system will direct you to the Records tab of the Modifier Attachment screen.

On this screen, you’ll see a grid listing all the menu items with attached modifiers.

Modifier attachment- Records

How to Edit Existing Modifier Attachments

To modify an existing attachment, select the menu item from the grid and click the “Edit” button.

The menu item record will open in the Modifier Attachment tab, indicating that you are editing an existing record.

Make any desired changes:

Here, you have the flexibility to detach existing modifiers from the selected menu item or attach new modifier groups and modifiers as needed.

Once you’ve made your modifications, save the record.

How to Attach Modifiers to a New Item:

On the Records tab, click the “New” button to begin adding a new item.

The item record will open in the Modifier Attachment tab, indicating that you are adding a new record.

In the “Step-1 Select Menu Item” field, click F1 or the selection button to choose the menu item to which you want to attach modifiers.

The Item Help screen will appear, allowing you to select the desired item for attachment.

item selection for modifier attachment

After selecting the item, click the “Move Next” button to proceed to the next step.

Here, you’ll need to decide whether to attach a single modifier or a group of modifiers. Choose the appropriate radio button

Attaching modifiers to menu items

Attach Single Modifier: If selecting a single modifier, click the “Search Modifiers” selection link to choose the desired modifier. The selected modifier will populate the grid with a blue checkbox indicating attachment. Save the attachment to apply the changes.

Attach Modifier Group: If selecting a modifier group, choose the group from the modifier group dropdown menu. All modifiers defined under the selected group will populate the grid by default. Uncheck any modifiers you do not want to attach to the selected item, then save the attachment.

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