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Bill & Deliver- In Quick Serve &Take Away

Bill& Deliver Workflow in Quick Serve and Take Away

Quick serve and take-away follow a different workflow from the Dine-In billing. The quick-serve is focused on providing quick services to customers, and, generally speaking, there is no table service. The customers go to the cash counter to place their orders, make payments, and wait for the food.

These are the two types of work-flows in quick-serve and takeaway:

Bill and Deliver; Bill Only

Bill and Deliver: Here the customer order is taken at the cash counter, payment is received, and the order is immediately delivered. This type of billing process usually works for pre-made food, like bakery items, doughnuts, cold sandwiches, etc.

Let’s see how the Bill & Deliver billing process is handled in Nimbus Restaurant software

Bill and Deliver Work-Flow

From the top menu, select Quick-Serve or Take Away

If the customer is already saved in the system, select customer. Or enter the new customer’s name by clicking the plus sign.

Note: Entering the customer’s name is optional. But it is good practice to do so. It not just streamlines the process but also adds to your customer database for marketing purposes.

Click the menu items to prepare the customer order

From the left-side menu, select the button Bill and Deliver

Handle quick serve and take away

The Payment Information pop-up will appear

payment pop up for quick serve and take away

Enter payment

Click Save 

Print the Bill

Quick serve and take away bill

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