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Cancel Sale, Remove Products, Search Saved Sale

Cancelling a Sale

You may have to cancel an ongoing sale if a customer suddenly changes his/her mind and decides not to buy. All you have to do is simply click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen. It will clear all loaded items and other data, and you can start again with the next sale.

Cancel sale

Removing Products from an Ongoing Sale

Sometimes you may enter a wrong item by mistake or a customer may want you to remove a certain item from an ongoing sale. In Nimbus, you can easily remove unwanted items during the ongoing sale.

In the cart section of the Invoice, click the Void button against the item you want to remove.

The removed item will not be included in the final receipt but the cart will show the removed item.

Removing item from sale in Nimbus RMS

Searching Saved Sales

To search saved sales, click the Search tab on the top of the screen.

Search tab

On the Search screen in order to view your saved sale receipts of the current date click the Search button. On clicking it the saved sale receipts will show on the screen.

Search button

Click the Search Criteria button to set filters for your search and click the Search button.

All saved sales falling within the search criteria will load in the grid.

Search using filter

To load a saved sale on the main screen, double click the sale in the grid or click the Edit Receipt button.

Search results

Note: If the Qty field in the receipt is equal to 0 that means zero sales return where items were exchanged for something similar in value.

If the Qty field in the receipt is equal to -1 that means sales return. The sale is added back into the stock.

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