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How to Create Categories of Menu Items

Categorizing Menu Items

Before categorizing your menu item in nimbus, you should have a clear idea about the kind of food items you want to offer and how you would like to categorize them. For example, you may divide your menu into beverages, fast food, desserts, etc.

Once you have decided upon the menu categories, you can create these categories in Nimbus. Just follow the steps listed below:

Go to the Department screen: Configuration>Department

Note: we will define various departments to represent each category.

department-screen in Nimbus

The department Records tab will open up

Note: If you have created a new account, the grid on the record tab will be empty.

If you are using the trial version, the grid will show some pre-defined departments


To define a new department, click the New button

In the Department Name field, enter the name of the category

The Radio Button Standard is selected by default for the restaurant version. Keep it selected.

In the Comments section, you can enter information about the department.

Note: Entering the comments is not mandatory

Once you have entered the details, click the Save button.


How to Delete a Department Record

On the Records tab, select the department you want to delete

Double-click the record to load it on the department screen

Press the Delete button.

Note: If you have defined items in a department, you can’t delete the record. You will get an error message that a dependent record exists. To delete such a record, you will have to first delete the items defined in it.

How to edit a Department record

On the Records tab, select the department you want to edit

Double-click the record to load on the department tab

Make changes to the Name or Comments

Click Update


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