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How to Configure Various Types of Discounts

To access Discount screen, from the main menu navigate to Sale>Discounts 

Main menu navigation

Basic Information about Discount

Discounts in Nimbus can be configured in a number of different ways:

  1. On all products items
  2. Discount on selected items
  3. Discount on the total amount
  4. For a certain date range

Let’s have a look at the various ways in which discounts can be configured.

To configure your selected discount type, follow the steps below:

Select a Name for your discount campaign and enter the selected name in the Discount Name field.

In the field named Description, you can describe the type of discount.

Select start and end dates by clicking on the calendar icon in the field named From Date and To Date respectively.

Discounts will be applicable within this period.

You can specify the store on which you want to apply the discount by selecting the store name from the Select Store drop-down

General discount

Set up the type of discount you would like to apply

There are two types of discounts you can apply namely Simple Discount and Advance Discount.

Simple Discount is the basic discount that can be applied to specific items or on all items. The amount of discount can be entered either in percentage or in value.

Simple discount

Advance Discount consists of a Fixed Discount that can be applied on specific items or on all items. It also consists of a Discount on Total Amount(the total amount of your receipt).

Advance Discount

Note: Multiple discounts can be applied on the same date range.

 Basic Discount versus Advance Discount

The Basic Discount can be applied either in percentage or in value on selected items.  The Advance Discount can be applied to the total receipt amount, plus ti can also be applied to promotions like Buy one Get One free, fixed price, etc.

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