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How to Configure SMS or Email Service

To configure SMS service, go to Configuration>System Configuration>SMS/Email tab.

Depending upon the settings you want to configure go to the relevant sections provided below.

SMS Configuration[spacer height=”20px”]

Sms configuration

Expand SMS Configuration section.

Mark the checkbox Enable SMS Services.

Select SMS service from the available SMS services in the drop-down menu in the field named SMS Service, select SMS service from it.

Enter the User Name and Password provided to you.

Enter Mask Name.

Note: Mask name is your brand name. This name will appear as a sender in all SMS messages. The mask name can’t be more than eleven characters.

Configuring Automatic SMS Service for Various Transactions

Email Configuration

Email configuration

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): Here you will configure to use the email facility in Nimbus. In this field, enter your mail server address. For example, if you are using Gmail, your SMTP address will be “smtp.gmail.com”.

Email Address: Here you will enter your source email address and all emails in Nimbus will be sent using this source email address.

Enable SSL: The Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of message transmission on the Internet. If email sending for your message fails, check this checkbox.

Click Update.

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