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How to Create, Delete & Edit Restaurant Halls

Creating Restaurant Halls in Nimbus

To access the Halls screen, go to Configuration>Restaurant Configuration>Hall


This will take you to the Records tab of the Hall screen.

The Records screen will show the list of previously created halls

Note: If you have created a new account, the grid on the record tab will be empty.
If you are using a trial version, the grid will show some pre-defined halls.


To create a new hall, click the New button


In the Name of the Hall field, enter the Name you want to give to a hall

Click the Save button to save the record.

How to Delete a Hall Record

On the Records tab, select the hall you want to delete

Double-click the record to load it on the hall screen

Press the Delete button.

Note: If you want to deactivate a hall for a certain period of time, uncheck the ‘Active’ checkbox for the loaded record. The Active checkbox is checked by default.

How to edit a Hall record

On the Records tab, select the hall you want to edit

Double-click the record to load on the hall tab

Make changes to the name

Click Update

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