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How to Create, Delete & Edit Restaurant Tables

Creating Restaurant Tables in Nimbus

To access the Table screen, go to Configuration>Restaurant Configuration>Table


This will take you to the Records tab of the Table screen.

The Records screen will show the list of previously created Tables in Each Hall

Note: If you have created a new account, the grid on the record tab will be empty.
If you are using a trial version, the grid will show some pre-defined tables

Restaurant tables records in Nimbus

To create a new table, click the New button

From the Select Hall drop-down menu, select the hall where you want to define the table

In the Table Name field, enter the name you want to give to the table

Click the Save button to save the record.

Creating restaurant tables

How to Delete a Table Record

On the Records tab, select the table you want to delete

Double-click the record to load it on the Table screen

Press the Delete button.

Note: If you want to deactivate a table for a certain period of time, uncheck the ‘Active’ checkbox for the loaded record. the Active checkbox is checked by default.

How to edit a Table record

On the Records tab, select the table you want to edit

Double-click the record to load on the Table tab

Make changes to the name

Click Update

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