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How to Customize Barcode-Label Design

Barcodes Labels in Nimbus RMS

A barcode label is a unique code to identify items. This means each item has its own code that cannot be used by any other item. Many manufactured items come with pre-existing barcodes that can be scanned into the Item Code field on Item Definition screen.

Nimbus RMS can also generate barcodes for the SKUs entered in the system. Nimbus does this by creating barcode graphics for all item codes. Depending on the size of the code you can select the appropriate barcode template and print item barcodes from various screens in Nimbus RMS.

Nimbus RMS also provides you with the option to customize barcode templates according to your requirements.

Customizing Barcode Label Templates

To access the Barcode Template Settings screen, go to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Barcode Template Settings.


Basic information related to barcode terms is described in the screenshot below.

Customize barcode labels- Basic info of barcode terms

From Select Template drop-down menu select the barcode template you want to customize.

Nimbus will generate a preview of the selected template with the given settings in the Barcode Template section. The recommended length of code according to the given settings will also appear in the Barcode Size section.

In the Currency Symbol field enter the currency symbol you want to use on the selected barcode label.

You can choose not to show item name and price on the barcode by selecting the required checkboxes.

In the Barcode Size section, you can increase or decrease the Width and Height of the selected barcode template by selecting sizes from the dropdown.

Barcode template

If printing on your labels in not correct, you can adjust margins of the barcodes labels in the Label Margin section.

You can both increase or decrease Top and Left margins.

Note: To decrease margins enter them with the negative sign.

Label margins

Printing Barcode Labels

You can print barcodes in Nimbus RMS on the following screens:

  • Good Receipt Note
  • GRN Matrix                    (add link)
  • Item Barcode Printing    (add link)

Printer Configurations for Barcode Labels

Barcode label configurations for both TSC and TLP printers are given below:

Printer Configuration for Barcode:

  1. Single column (TSC / Zebra: 61 x 25)
    • Width Size: 3.00 Inch
    • Height Size: 1.00 Inch
  2. Single column (TSC / Zebra: 38 x 28)
    • Width Size: 1.50 Inch
    • Height Size: 1.10 Inch
  3. Single column (TSC / Zebra: 75 x 50)
    • Width Size: 3.00 Inch
    • Height Size: 2.00 Inch
  4. Single column (TSC / Zebra: 100 x 50)
    • Width Size: 4.00 Inch
    • Height Size: 2.00 Inch
  5. 2 columns (TSC / Zebra: 50 x 25)
    • Width Size: 4.20 Inch
    • Height Size: 1.00 Inch
  6. 2 columns (TSC / Zebra: 38 x 28)
    • Width Size: 3.00 Inch
    • Height Size: 1.10 Inch
  7. 3 columns (TSC / Zebra: 25 x 25)
    • Width Size: 3.54 Inch
    • Height Size: 0.83 Inch
  8. 3 columns (TSC / Zebra: 28 x 19)
    • Width Size: 3.54 Inch
    • Height Size: 0.83 Inch



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