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Defining Account Heads

You can access the Account Heads screen from the main menu by selecting Accounts>Account Heads.

Account heads are names under which particular types of transactions are recorded.

Predefined Account Heads in Nimbus

Some account heads are already defined in the system, all these accounts and their account types are visible in the list view. One of the three account types- Expense, Income, and General-is pre-assigned to each account head.

A brief description of Account Types:

Expense: This account type is assigned to all outflows, for example, the expense of any kind.

Income: This account type is assigned to all inflows, for example, cash sales.

General: This account type can be used to record both income and expense. For example, under the account head ‘Bank Cheque’ you can both receive payment through check, and can also use bank cheque to make payments.

Defining New Accounts in Nimbus

If you want to maintain an account that is not already defined in the system, you can create a new account.

However, you can only define an expense account to record cash outflows.

Enter the name of the account head.

Enter code for the account head.

The expense account type will be automatically selected in the Account field.

if you want to, give a sort order number to the defined account head.

Enter Comments about the account head if you want to.

Click Save.

Creating accounts head

Saving will clear all input data. You can define a new account by following the steps listed above.

Different account types

Updating or Deleting Account Heads

You can delete and update newly defined accounts. Predefined accounts cannot be updated or deleted. Update and Delete buttons remain disabled for all pre-defined accounts.

In the list view, select the account head you want to update or delete.

Edit information if you want to make changes.

Click Update if you want to save the changes. Or click Delete.

Updating accounts head info


An account head record cannot be deleted from the system if dependent records of the account head already exist in the system. In such cases and you will get a message: “Dependent record exists”.

Dependent record means you have already entered Account Transactions under that particular head.

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