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Defining Credit Cards Banks

In order to define credit cards banks from the main menu select Configuration>Credit Cards Banks.

Main menu navigation

How to define Credit Cards Banks

To add a new bank click on the New button that is located at the extreme right hand side of the screen.

On clicking New button Credit Cards Banks screen will be loaded.

On this screen add the name of the particular bank in the field named Bank Name.

Then add the bank code in the filed named Bank Code.

Add Sort Order and Comments if you want to in their respective fields.

Then click Save Button to add the defined type to the records.

Credit cards banks

Updating a Credit Cards Banks

To update any Credit Cards Banks record, select a bank from the table on the Records tab by double clicking on the bank row where you want to make changes. Or you can select the bank name and press Edit button to make changes to it.

Make changes and click Update.

Deleting a Credit Cards Banks

To delete a record, select the bank from the table on the Records tab that you want to delete and then click Delete.

Note: If a dependent record exists for a credit card bank, you will not be able to delete it. Dependent record means, credit card bank is already attached to a receipt on Sales screen.(add link)

Defined Credit Cards Banks

To view all the defined credit cards banks go to the Record tab.

Records tab

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