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Step-by-Step Guide: Defining Modifiers in Nimbus RMS

What are Modifiers?

Modifiers in restaurant software allow you to customize menu items or orders according to customer preferences. In Nimbus RMS, you can define various types of modifiers on a separate screen. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to define modifiers:

1: Access the Modifiers Screen

Click on ‘Modifiers‘ from the Restaurant Dashboard menu to navigate to the modifiers screen.

 2: Understand the Default Settings

By default, all modifiers are defined under a separate department called ‘Modifier‘. This department is selected by default and cannot be edited.

3: Generate a Modifier Code

Click on ‘C’ in the Modifier Code field. The system will automatically generate a modifier code for you. Each modifier code begins with ‘M’ to identify it as a modifier code.

 4: Enter the Modifier Name

Input the name of the modifier you wish to add. For example, if you want to add ‘spicy’ and ‘less spicy’ as modifiers for a certain menu item, enter those names here.

5: Select or Define a Modifier Group

Choose a Modifier Group from the drop-down menu. All pre-defined modifiers will be available in the drop-down list. If you want to define a new modifier group, start typing in the field and then click ‘+ Add new modifier group’. The new group will be added to the list.

6: Save the Newly Defined Modifier

After defining the new modifier, click ‘Save’ to store the information in the system. Your newly defined modifier is now ready to be used for customizing menu items or orders.

How to Define Prices for Modifiers

Typically, prices for modifiers are applied when a customer selects options that result in an extra charge.

To set the cost for these additional modifiers, simply click on the “Add Price for Modifier” link to expand the options.

Now enter both the cost and the retail price for the defined modifier in the relevant fields.

Defining price for modifiers

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