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Defining Weighted Barcodes Items

How to Define Items with Weighted Barcodes

To define items with weighted barcodes, you need to first  configure weighted barcodes on the system configuration screen.

The configuration will decide the length of the item code. This means if the item code length is 6 in the weighing scale configuration section, the item code length on the item definition screen has to be 6 including the prefix.

Defining Weighted Barcode Items without the Code Template

On the Item Definition screen, select the department under which you want to define the weighted barcodes.

Now enter Item Code using the prefix and code length you configured for weighted barcodes

Enter price and other details



Defining Weighted Barcode Items with the Code Template

If you want to generate automatic barcodes for the weighted items, you can use the Item Code Template like you do for other items.

To prepare the template, on the Item Code Template screen, select the Department

Enter Name of the Template

Enter Code of the Template that was configured in the weighing scale configuration section as weighing scale prefix

For example, if WS is the weighing scale prefix, you will enter WS in the Code field

Note: If you are generating weighted barcodes with the template, the item code length in the weighing scale configuration section and the Item Configuration settings  should be the same

template for weighted barcode items

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