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How to Define Wholesale Prices of Items

Wholesale Prices: How to Define them on the Item Definition Screen

While you can define prices for your wholesale customers by defining customer types and customer type based prices, Nimbus RMS has an added functionality that you can use for defining wholesale prices.

On the Item Definition screen, you have the option to define two different wholesale prices based on the purchased quantity.

Follow the steps listed below to use the wholesale prices feature:

Go to the Item Definition screen

Define a new item

Enter Cost Price and Retail Price, and click the Wholesale Price link:


The wholesale price link will expand to show two pricing and quantity fields

Enter Price  and Min Qty in the first  & second price and Min Qty fields. In the above figure, the first price is 200 if the minimum quantity is 10.

Similarly, the second price is 150 when the minimum quantity is 50. 

Now on the sales and return screen, the system will apply the price according to the purchased quantity:



in Item Definition