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Adding Department Based Attributes

What are Department Based Attributes and its importance?

Department based attributes are item tags that are applicable to the specific items of the departments. Department attributes help you further refine your Item identification by attaching more tags to each item. For example, you can attach attributes like season, brand, gender, etc. to each item and later generate attribute specific reports to see sale/stock performance of products according to various attributes.

How to define Department Based Attributes?

When defining department based attribute you could further classify your item into Item Group, Department Attribute 1, Department Attribute 2, Category and its sub category.

For example if your item is related to fashion wear. You can easily categorize it into item group named ‘Fashion Wear’, add its department attribute 1 as ‘Winter’, add its department attribute 2 as ‘Summer’ (by doing so you can easily generate attribute specific reports to see sale/stock performance of products according to various attributes), add its category named ‘Jeans’ and its subcategory named ‘Levis'(the brand of the item).

This will help you summarize your data specific to each item and its performance ratio.

How to add Item Group?

Go to the Items>Department Based Attributes>Item Group.

Click the Item Group tab or click the New button.

On this screen select the department of that specific item from the drop down.

In Item Group Name specify the group name of the item.

In Item Group Code add the item group code.

In Sort Order field you can add the number in which you want your items to be sorted. It is an optional filed depending upon your choice.

In the Comments field you may add some related information if you want.

Then click Save.

Item group

Viewing your Item Group data:

Records tab

All the added item group can be viewed on the Records tab. In case you want to delete or update specific item double click the item group from the table or select it and the press the Edit button.

This will load the data.

In case you want to update make required changes and click the Update button to save the record.

In case you want to delete press the Delete button.

Attaching Department Attributes to Items

  • Select Department
  • Define item
  • Navigate to the section Department Based Attributes and click to expand it
  • All defined attributes will appear in drop down menu, select the one you want to attach to the selected item

Note: Department based attributes can be customized meaning retailers can change attribute name according to their requirements by going to the System configuration> Item tab.

Attaching attributes

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