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Entering Account Transactions

To go to the Account transaction screen, from the main menu select Accounts>Accounts Transactions.

Main menu navigation

In Nimbus cloud retail software, Accounts Transactions screen shows all accounting transactions like sales, vendor purchases, customer receipts, etc. that are carried out on various Nimbus screens. All outflows are reflected with a minus sign.

In addition to such transactions that the system automatically fetches from different screens, here you can record income and expense under various accounts heads. The account heads include both defaults account heads in the system as well as those defined on the Account Heads screen.


Recording an Account Transaction

By default, Nimbus will show you the Records tab of the screen. To record a new transaction click the New button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Select the Date on which you want to record a transaction (by default it is the current date of the system).

Select the account from the drop-down of the Account filed.

Enter the amount of the income or expense in the Amount field.

In the Comments field, you can enter comments about the transaction if you want to.

After entering the information, click the Save button.

Creating a transaction

Searching Account Transactions

Nimbus searches account transactions on two fields: Date, User Name, Account and Store. You can search for transactions carried out on a certain date or by a certain user.

Searching a transaction

Note: You can hide or show expense accounts for a particular shop by selecting accounts on Configuration>Store Configuration>Store Definition>Accounts tab.


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