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How to Add Alternate Barcodes

How to Add Alternate Barcodes to Items[spacer height=”20px”]

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In Nimbus Retail Software, you can easily set up alternate barcodes for items. The item definition screen can configure multiple barcodes for the same item.

Adding Alternate Barcodes to Existing Items

To add an alternate barcode (or barcodes), to an existing item, on the Item Records screen double click the item to select it

The item will load on the Item Definition screen in the Edit mode

Click the drop-down menu of Alternate Barcode

The Alternate Barcode field will be displayed

Input/scan the alternate barcode in the field

To add another alternate barcode, click the plus sign

Once you have added all the alternate barcodes, click Update.

How to add alternate barcodes in Nimbus retail software

Entering alternate barcode in Nimbus retail software

Adding Alternate Barcode while Defining an Item

On the Item definition screen, add the item details

Expand the alternate barcode menu

Enter/scan alternate barcode/s

Click Save.

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