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How to Add Service Items

Adding  a Service Item in Nimbus

Service items are the services that you sell as part of your retail business. They are non-inventory items meaning you don’t track inventory for such items.

For example, if you are running an apparel store and also sell stitching services, you can easily define stitching as one of the items. Once defined, you can sell the service items like product items, and also track their sales in sales report.

Let’s learn how to add service items

Go to Item Definition screen

Select New

Click the plus button in the Department field to create a department

Add a department under which you want to define the services

You can create different departments for different services that you sell

Note: You CANNOT define service items under departments with size and color.

Enter an amount in the cost and retail price fields

 Note: If there are no fixed charges for the service, leave the retail price field empty. And to keep service charges variable, mark the user price check box in the additional information fields

Click the Additional Info link in red

Mark the checkbox Service Item

To further define your service, you can attach Item based and department based attributes to the service

If needed add Tax Details

How to add a service item in Nimbus retail software

Click Save

Note: For service items, you CANNOT do the following:

Create packaging barcodes 

Create Assembly items


in Item Definition