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How to Add Walk-in Customers

Adding Walk-in Customers

For targeted marketing strategies, it is important to create a relevant customer database. Nimbus online retail software allows you to enter contact numbers of the walk-in customers during the check-out process.

Go to Sales and Return screen

Enter the cell number of the customer with the plus sign in the Customer field

How to add walk-in customers in Nimbus

Save the invoice

The number will be saved in the system’s database.

Walk-in Customer Report

To check the walk-in customers data, go to Reports>E-Customer Reports>E-03 Walk-in Customer Report

Select From and To Dates

(selecting the data range will load the customer numbers saved during the selected data range)

Click Generate button to generate the report

E-03 Walk-in Customers report in Nimbus

If it’s a multi-store retail business, you can generate report of walk-in customers of a particular store.  To generate store-specific report, from the store drop-down menu, select the store and click Generate button.

To email, export or print the report, click the relevant button

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