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How to Define a Courier Company

Courier Management For Ecommerce Stores

Order shipping for Ecommerce stores is normally managed through courier services. In Shopify stores, courier services are usually integrated with online stores and order deliveries plus payments are managed through them.

At times, orders are shipped through other means like one-off parcel delivery services that are not integrated with the online store. Such orders, when viewed in Nimbus appear without any courier service attached to them. To streamline the shipping process, you can easily define the delivery mechanism through which the order was delivered.

To define a new courier service follow the steps below:

Navigate to Ecommerce>Courier Management>Courier Company

In the Courier Company Name field, input the name of the courier service

Click Save


Once a courier company is defined in Nimbus, you can attach the defined company with the Shipping orders on the Courier Attachment Screen.



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