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How to Enter Packaging Barcode

How to Enter Packaging Barcode

In this article, you will learn how to define multiple packages of a single product. This means, an item may be available in a pack of two, pack of five, pack of twenty, etc., with each pack having a different barcode and price.

Go to the Item Definition screen

To define packaging barcodes for an already defined item, open the item in the edit mode.

To define packaging barcodes for a new item, click the new button on the top right hand side and define the item.

Once the item is saved, the Packaging Barcode tab on the top will become active and you will be able to add packaging barcodes for the saved item.

In this article, we are using the example of an item ‘Shampoo Hair Plus’ with the retail price of 1000 per bottle. It is is available in the following three different packs:

Pack of 2 bottles– retail price of 1870
Pack of 5 bottles – retail price of 4800
Pack of 10 bottles -retail price of 8500

How to enter packaging barcodes

In the Packaging Barcode field, scan the barcode of the package. You can also manually add the barcode

Enter the  Title of the package. It is the name of the pack and helps you identify the package

Enter Quantity in the Package

Enter Price of the Package

Now click the plus button in green to add another package.

There is no limit to the number of packaging barcodes you can attach to a single product.

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