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How to Make a CSV File

How to Make a CSV File for Importing Data Into Nimbus

Nimbus RMS provides you with the option to import items- data into the application. You can prepare a CSV file and add all your products plus product-related information to the file. Once the file is ready, Go to the Items Definition screen and click the Import button.

Creating a CSV File without Size & Color

1. Open the Exel File
2. From the File Menu, select New>Blank Workbook
3. Add Headings for the three mandatory columns: Item Name; Item Code; Item Retail Price
4. For adding information like suppliers, vendor code, or other attributes, add one column for each field.

How to create a file for data import

5. Now enter the product information in each column
6. Once you have entered the information, from the File menu, select Save As
7. Enter a name for  your file in the File name field
8. From Save as type drop-down menu, select CSV(comma delimited)

how to create a csv file

9. Click Save.
10. Now follow the steps in the article on Importing products from a CSV file into Nimbus

Creating a CSV File with Size & Color

For size and color items, instead of the three mandatory columns mentioned above, there are seven mandatory columns: Item Name, Items Code, Item retail Price, Item size, Item Size Code, Item Color, and item Color Code:


Save the file and import data into Nimbus.

in Item Definition