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How to Start a Loyalty Program

What is a Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty programs allow customers to earn points on every purchase they make on your stores. When a customer has earned a certain number of points, s/he can redeem these points for a reward or discount.

Starting a Customer Loyalty Program in Nimbus RMS

To start a customer loyalty program in Nimbus RMS, go to Configuration>Loyalty Club

Mark the checkbox Enable Loyalty Club

Enter the amount in Minimum Balance for Redemption field

Note: The minimum balance for redemption is the amount that a customer has to earn before s/he can get a discount. For example, if you enter the minimum balance for redemption amount as Rs 3000, the customer has to  earn the minimum of points that equal to 3000 to be able to redeem it.

Now select the customer type from the Customer Type drop-down

Note: You can set different Minimum Balance for Redemption for different customer types

Enter Loyalty amount in Earning Loyalty Box

The amount you enter here will be equal to one point or one Rs. For example, if you enter Rs 100 in the field, this means whenever a customer spends 100, s/he will earn 1 point or 1 Rs.

How to start a loyalty program

If you do not want apply loyalty during any promotion, mark the checkbox.

Understanding the Loyalty Program Configured in the Above Figure[spacer height=”20px”]

The above figure shows  a loyalty program for the customer type Silver

When the  Silver type customers spend one hundred Rs, they will earn 1 point that equals to 1 Rs

When any Silver type customer has earned 3000 points (equals to 3000 Rs) s/he can ask for a discount of 3000.

Note: If a customer decides to redeem less than 3000, the balance amount will remain in the customer’s credit and will become redeemable again when the minimum balance becomes 3000.

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