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How to Keep Item List Updated

Shortcut Method to Keep Your Items List Updated

While there are different screens to perform various items related functions, Nimbus RMS provides an easy way to check details of a particular item, or to perform item-related functions like printing barcodes, checking inventory levels, or making inventory adjustments.

Here’s how:

Go to the All Items List tab of the Item Definition screen

Select the Item from the grid whose details you want to check or where you want to make changes

Expand the Item row

All items list screen in Nimbus

Expanding the row will display four links: Barcode Printing, Stock Check, Inventory Adjustment, and Inventory Levels:

Item related details links

Click the link you want to use. For example, if you’re going to print the barcode of the selected item, click the Barcode printing link. Select the barcode template you want to use, enter the number of barcodes you want to print, and click Generate Barcode button:

Generating barcode from the item list tab

Learn How to generate barcodes on the GRN screen

Similarly, to check the stock of the selected item, click the Stock Check link:

check stock on the item definition screen

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Stock entry on the item definition screen

The Inventory Adjustment link helps you adjust the inventory of the selected item:

Inventory adjustment on the item records tab

Learn more details about inventory adjustment and adding inventory adjustment reasons.

Click the Inventory Levels link to display the inventory levels fields. If the inventory levels and reorder levels are not set for the selected item, you can add them here. You can also edit the current inventory/ re-order levels of the selected item:

setting inventory levels on the item list tab

in Item Definition