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Inventory Adjustment Reaons

Inventory adjustments serve a range of purposes. To associate specific reasons with each inventory adjustment, it’s essential to define these reasons in the system. The Inventory Adjustment Reasons screen provides the means to define and manage these reasons effectively.

Start by navigating to Inventory Management > Inventory Adjustment Reasons.

Click on the “Reason” tab.

In the “Reason Name” field, enter the name of the reason for the inventory adjustment.

Optionally, in the “Comment” field, you can provide additional information or comments related to the reason. Please note that the comment field is not mandatory.

After entering the reason and any relevant comments, click the “Save” button to save your changes.

inventory adjustment reasons

To view all the defined reasons records, go to the “Records” tab. Here, you’ll find a grid listing all the defined reasons.

You can select any reason record from the grid and click on it to make updates or modifications as needed.

inventory adjustment reasons records

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