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How to Generate Item Quotations

How to Generate Item Quotations

Wholesalers, and also retailers in some businesses need to share product quotations with their customers. Here’s the step-by-step guide to generating product quotations:

Open the Sales and Return screen.

Choose the appropriate store and register (if it’s a multi-store business).

Locate and click the green button  on the top right-hand side of the screen.


Select the “Quotation” from the button drop down

The screen will enter the Quotation Mode

Add New Quotation

Load the desired items for the quotation. You can add the desired quantity by entering the number in the quantity field or increase the quantity  by clicking the plus sign.

Once you’ve added the items, click on the “Save Quotation” button.

add products in the quotation

You can print the saved quotation and email it to the customer.

quotation saved

(Note: clicking the Load Quotation link will take you to the Quotation screen where all saved quotations are available)

quotation slip


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