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Loyalty Points Adjustment

The loyalty points adjustment screen allows you to modify customer loyalty points for various reasons. Here are the primary scenarios:

1. Initial Program Configuration:

When setting up a loyalty program in Nimbus RMS, you may need to adjust existing loyalty points for certain customers.

2. Bonus Points Addition:

You can add bonus loyalty points to specific customers for various reasons.

Using the Loyalty Point Adjustment Screen:

Ensure the loyalty program is configured.

Navigate to Parties > Loyalty Points Adjustment.

Select the Customer for whom you wish to adjust points.

The system displays the current points of the selected customer.

loyalty points adjustment screen-1

Click the “Move Next” button.

On the next screen, input the loyalty points in the “Adjustment Points” field. Use the increase and decrease arrows for precise adjustments.

Choose the effective date for the points adjustment in the “Adjustment Date” field

loyalty points adjustment screen in Nimbus RMS

Note: If necessary, you can also set an initial points balance for a customer before their transactions by choosing a past date on the calendar to indicate earlier points.

Click the Save button.

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