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How to Manage Dine-in in Nimbus

Dine-In billing requires managing orders, creating kitchen receipts to deliver orders to the kitchen, generating a provisional bill for the customer, and printing the final bill.

Let’s learn how Nimbus retail software handles all dine-in billing requirements.

Select the Dine-In button from the top menu
Once you click the Dine-in button, the dine-in screen will load displaying tables & halls

Note: All busy tables will appear in red; all tables in billing state will appear in orange; and all free tables will be displayed in green.

Select the hall where your customers like to sit
Select an empty table (green one) on the screen

how to manage dine-in

Table selection will load the restaurant Menu screen

how to manage dine-in- sending order to the kitchen

Click the menu items to load the order on the billing screen, and then click the Kitchen Bill button to send the order to the kitchen printer.

Kitchen bill
The occupied table will turn Red to show the busy status.

How to Add More Items to the Kitchen Bill of the Busy Table

Click the busy table (in red)
The menu screen will open up showing the items in the kitchen receipt
Click the Menu items to add more items to the order
Again click the Kitchen receipt
The system will send only the additional items to the kitchen receipt

additional items in the kitchen receipt

How to create a Provisional Bill

After dining in, the customer asks for the bill. The bill generated at this stage is a provisional bill.

To generate the provisional bill, click the busy table whose bill you want to generate
From the left side menu, click the Provisional Bill button
The system will generate  a provisional bill

Provisional bill

The table will now turn orange to show its billing state.

Generating the Final Bill

Click the table whose final bill you want to generate
From the left side menu, select the Final Bill button
The Nimbus RMS payment screen will open up

Dine in payment in Nimbus RMS

Select the payment method and enter the amount
Click Save
The system will generate the final bill

Nimbus Restaurant- Final Bill

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