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What are Modifier Groups and How to Define Them

What are Modifier Groups and How to Define Them

Restaurants frequently organize modifiers according to their relevance to specific menu items or categories. These groupings are often made to accommodate various taste preferences, add-ons, seasonal offerings, and more.

Here are the steps to define modifier groups:

From the restaurant dashboard, select “Modifier Group”.

The system will navigate you to the Records tab of the Modifier Group screen.

On this screen, you’ll find all the defined modifier groups listed in the grid.

To edit an existing modifier group, select the modifier from the grid and click the “Edit” button. The modifier record will open up in the Modifier Group tab, indicating that you are editing a modifier record.

Modifier groups- Records

To define a new modifier group, on the Records tab, click the “New” button.

Enter the name of the modifier group in the “Name” field.

Optionally, you can enter some comments about the group in the “Comment” field.

Defining new modifier group

Save the record.

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