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How to Integrate Nimbus with Existing Shopify Store

Integrating Nimbus RMS With Existing Shopify Store

If you already  have an e-commerce store on Shopify and want to integrate it with Nimbus Store, begin with the following prerequisites:

  1. Same SKUs: Define your Shopify products into Nimbus RMS and make sure the products have the same SKUs or product codes. For example, if your Shopify store has a product with SKU EM01, define the same product in Nimbus with the exact SKU i.e EM01.[spacer height=”20px”]

2. Items Marked as Online: All items for the e-commerce store should be marked as ‘online items’

3. Create the Nimbus App in your Shopify account

Activating Nimbus Shopify Integration

Once you have taken care of the above prerequisites, you are ready to integrate your e-commerce store with Nimbus. Follow the steps below:

  1. In Nimbus, from the menu items select Ecommerce, and click Setup Online Store


2. Mark the checkbox ‘Enable Integration.’

3.  Input your Shopify store URL and login credentials (Admin API Key & Admin API Password)


3. Click Move Next

4. In Step 2, from Store drop-down field, select the store you want to link with Shopify and click Move                    Next.


Note: You can select one of your existing stores to map it with Shopify or you can also create another store in Nimbus specially for Shopify. All Shopify sales will be recorded on the mapped store’s register.

5. If you want to overwrite the stock in Shopify with the stock in Nimbus, mark the checkbox ‘Publish Stock’


Note: If the publish stock checkbox is checked, whenever new stock is entered in the mapped outlet, the stock in  Shopify will be updated.

         6. Click the Move Next button. The products of the mapped store will start syncing to the Shopify store.

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