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Putting a Sale on Hold

Putting a Sale on hold or parked sale is useful when you have to hold the sale receipt you are working on and move on to the next one. For instance, you might want to hold sales of a particular customer if he/she suddenly remembers something else and goes back to fetch it. You wouldn’t want your next customer in line wait for too long, so you just park or hold the current sale and cater to the next customer.

This is how you hold a sale:

When a customer wants you to hold the ongoing sale, click the Hold button at the bottom. After clicking it a hold successfully pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen to show that the hold is done properly.

Hold successfully popup

The screen will clear up, and now you can work on another sale.

Retrieving a Parked Sale

To retrieve a parked sale, click the Hold Receipt Details button next to the Hold button.

Hold receipts details button-min

A pop-up will show all receipts put on hold.

All hold receipts

Double click the one you want to load.

It will be loaded on the main screen where you can then complete the sale.

Canceling a Parked Sale

To Cancel a parked sale, double click a parked sale to load it on the main screen.

A new red button left to Hold button will be visible. Click this button to cancel the retrieved parked sale.

Deleting hold

Remember: All sales put on hold will not impact sales ledgers neither will they have any effect on the inventory. Such sales will remain parked until you retrieve them. After retrieving you can either finish the sale or cancel it using the steps explained above.

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