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Purchase Order Screen: Introduction

Accessing PO Screen in Nimbus Personal Version

If you are using the personal version of NimbusRMS, you can access the Purchase Order screen in Nimbus from the Main Menu by selecting: Purchase>Purchase Order

Accessing PO Screen in Nimbus Enterprise Version

Store users can access the purchase order screen by selecting Purchase>Purchase Order. However, the admin users will have to first select the store (from the dashboard) whose PO records you want to check.

Default Purchase Order screen

By default, the purchase order screen shows the 10 latest purchase orders created during a year (for a particular store). The top row of the grid appears selected and shows the latest purchase order:

Purchase order record screen

Searching PO Records

You can use filters to display specific PO records made for a particular supplier, POs made within a certain date range, and (in case of enterprise version) POs for a particular store. Select the required filter and click Search button.

Searching records

Editing & Deleting Purchase Orders

To edit or delete purchase order, select the PO from the grid and click Edit button. Or simply double click a record in the grid to load it on the PO tab. Check this article for detailed help on how to edit or delete a purchase order.

Creating a New Purchase Order

To create a new purchase order, click New button (of green color) on top right side of the screen. PO tab will open up. Check this article for detailed help on how to create a new purchase order.

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