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Restaurant Dashboard

Understanding the Restaurant Dashboard in Nimbus RMS

The Restaurant Dashboard is a specialized feature within the Nimbus RMS, designed exclusively for the restaurant edition. This dashboard simplifies the user experience by providing a centralized location to access all restaurant-specific screens, functions, and settings.

Accessing the Restaurant Dashboard

To navigate to the restaurant dashboard, simply select ‘Restaurant Dashboard‘ from the main menu. This action will direct you to the comprehensive dashboard, where you can manage all aspects of your restaurant’s operations.

Customizing Your Nimbus Restaurant Software

Nimbus Restaurant Software offers the flexibility to customize its features according to your restaurant’s unique requirements. To do this, simply click on the desired screen and proceed to make the necessary configurations.

For instance, if you wish to define tables, locate the ‘Table Icon’ on the dashboard and click on it. This will lead you to the ‘Table Screen’, where you can specify the tables based on your restaurant’s layout and seating arrangement.

Restaurant dashboard in Nimbus RMS

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