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Restaurant Home Delivery in Nimbus

How to Manage Restaurant Home Delivery in Nimbus Restaurant Module

Home delivery services at a restaurant mean customers can call you to order food. You will take the order, ask for the delivery address, and send it to the kitchen. Once the order is prepared you will dispatch the order to the mentioned address.

To manage the home delivery service of your restaurant in Nimbus, follow the steps listed below:

Click the Home Delivery Menu on the top

restaurant home delivery in Nimbus

The customer information pop-up will appear. Enter the customer name, mobile number, and delivery address

customer information for restaurant home delivery

Note: If the customer’s record already exists, when you enter the phone number the system will autofill the details about address and name.  

If the customer record already exists, click the LOAD button

If you are entering a new customer record, click the SAVE button and then click LOAD

If you make changes to a saved customer’s record, click UPDATE and then click LOAD

Start entering the customer’s order. Click on the menu items to add to the order


Click Kitchen Bill to send the order to the kitchen


The system will print the kitchen bill on the kitchen printer


Dispatching the Home Delivery Order

When the order is ready, click  Open Orders from the left side  menu

The screen will show all open orders with the customer’s name, mobile, and address


Select the order you want to dispatch

It will load on the sales and return screen

Now select the Delivery Person

Learn how to define delivery persons

Select the delivery person for restaurant home delivery

Click Dispatch on the left side menu

This will print the provisional bill that you will hand over to the delivery person along with the food

Receiving Payment of the Delivered Order & Generating Final Bill

When you receive the payment, select Open Orders from the left-side menu

Select the dispatched order to load it ( the order’s status will be ‘Dispatched’) on the sales and return screen


Select Final Bill from the left side menu

The system will generate the final bill


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