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How to Define Kitchens

You can easily define and manage different kitchen areas within your restaurant according to your specific requirements using the Nimbus RMS restaurant software. To define Kitchen areas, follow the steps listed below:

Access the Restaurant Configuration: Navigate to the main menu. Select Configuration>Restaurant Configuration>Kitchen.

View Existing Kitchens Records: On the Records tab, you will see a screen displaying all the currently defined kitchen records in the records grid.

kitchen records in Nimbus RMS

Add a New Kitchen record: To define a new kitchen, click the “New” button located on the screen. This will open the “Kitchen” tab where you can input the details for the new kitchen.

Enter Kitchen Details: In the “Kitchen Name“,  enter the name of the new kitchen you wish to define.

Defining new kitchen in Nimbus RMS

Save the Kitchen record: After providing the kitchen name, click the “Save” button to save the new kitchen definition.

Edit an Existing Kitchen record: If you need to make changes to an existing kitchen, locate the kitchen you want to modify in the records grid under the “Records” tab.

Open Edit Mode: Once you’ve found the kitchen you wish to edit, select it from the grid, and then click the “Edit” button.

Make Changes: Within the edit mode, you can make various changes to the kitchen. This includes updating the kitchen’s name or deselecting the “active” checkbox if the kitchen is no longer in use.

Editing a kitchen record in Nimbus

Save Changes: After making the necessary changes, click the “Update” button to save and apply the changes to the kitchen record.

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