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Restaurant Service Charge

What is Restaurant Service Charge and How to Handle in Nimbus Restaurant

Some restaurants add a service charge to the total billing amount. The additional amount is usually a percentage of the bill or some fixed value, and it is added to the bill as services by the waiters and other staff.

In the Nimbus RMS restaurant version, you can easily handle such additional charges. The service charge can be added at any stage of the billing process; you can enter it while making the kitchen receipt, provisional bill, or final bill. To add a restaurant service charge to the bill, follow the steps below:

Select the table

Enter the order  items

From the left side menu, click the button Service charges.

Restaurant service charge menu

The services charge pop-up screen will appear

Select  Percentage or Value and enter the number

Restaurant service charge pop-up

Click Apply

Click Kitchen Receipt.

Both provisional and final bills will show the service charges

Restaurant service charge in the final bill

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