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Restaurant Settings-KOT Number

In Nimbus restaurant software, KOT stands for “Kitchen Order Ticket” or “Kitchen Order Token. A KOT number is a unique identifier assigned to each order that is sent to the kitchen for preparation.

Nimbus RMS automatically generates KOT numbers. You can streamline its functionality by adjusting various settings available on the KOT number configuration screen.

Accessing the KOT Number Screen:

Navigate to the Restaurant Dashboard menu.

Select “Restaurant Settings” from the menu options.

Viewing Current KOTs Generated:

Upon accessing the Restaurant Settings, the screen will display the current Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) generated against the register.

If your restaurant has multiple registers, the system will show the current KOT number against each register.

You have the option to assign a unique prefix for each register. This enables easy identification of the Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs) generated against each register.

KOT number screen

Resetting the KOT Number:

To reset the KOT number, locate and click the ‘Reset KOT Number’ button.

Upon clicking the button, the current KOT number will reset to zero.

New numbers will begin generating for the new Kitchen orders, starting from one.

Configuring the Number of KOT Prints:

In the KOT print section, you can configure how kitchen receipts are generated and the number of copies printed.

If your restaurant has multiple kitchens:

You can choose to generate a combined receipt for all kitchens or generate separate receipts for each kitchen.

Combined Prints

Selecting ‘Combined’ will generate a combined receipt for all kitchens.

With this selection, the ‘KOT count’ radio button and the ‘KOT # of copies’ field will become disabled.
You can manually adjust the number of copies by moving the arrow up and down.

Kitchen Wise Prints

Selecting the ‘Kitchen Wise’ radio button will generate separate kitchen orders for each kitchen.

For this selection, you can either select the ‘Kitchen Count’ radio button for the number of KOT copies.

Or manually select the number of copies you want to print for each kitchen.

If you choose ‘Kitchen Count’, the system will automatically generate the number of copies according to the number of kitchens.

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