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Sending Automatic SMS & Email in Nimbus

Configuring Automatic SMS/Email Service for Various Transactions

To send automatic pre-configured SMS messages to customers, vendors, or head office, follow the steps listed below:

Go to Configuration>System Configuration>SMS/Email tab

configure automatic SMS for transactions

Mark the check-box Enable Transactional SMS 

Click  SMS/Email configuration 

SMS Configuration Screen will open up


Expand the screen for which you want to configure automatic SMS or email messages. The above figure shows expanded sales and return

Mark the check-boxes against the Transactional Mode for which you want to send the SMS or Email. The above figure shows that automatic SMS is enabled on Save, update, and Adjustment Modes for walk-in Customers.  This means, whenever a receipt is saved, updated or adjusted for any walk-in customer, the customer will receive SMS.

The SMS/email message is pre-configured and it is editable. You can edit the message.

Click Update.

in System Configuration