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How to Shift Data from Nimbus to Candela

If you have been using Nimbus retail software and now want to shift your item data from Nimbus to Candela RM, you can do so with the help of this utility.

To access the utility, go to:

Main menu navigation

Exporting Data from Nimbus

From the Department drop-down menu,  choose the department whose item data you want to export and then click the Convert button.

After clicking this button text file will be loaded and screen will show its progress of completion.

Select department to export data

Importing Item Data into Candela

To load item data in Candela go to the path shown in the picture below.

Import data using Path in Candela

Afterward, add the department of the item whose data you want to load in the field named Line Item.

Adding department in line item

Then load the file you have downloaded from Nimbus.

Load file downloaded from Nimbus

Then click the Load File button to load results.

On clicking this button the data is loaded in a tabular form.

Save loaded data

Now you can click the save button at the bottom of the screen to save the loaded data in Candela.

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