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Stock Transfer Records

Stock Transfer Records

Records screen of Stock Transfer Shows records of all created STRs and their statuses. The following three types of statuses are visible in the grid:

Awaited: The STR with ‘awaited’ status means the STR has been created but is still neither dispatched nor received.

Dispatched: This means the STR has been dispatched from the dispatched store but is still not received at the destination store.

Received: This means the STR has been both dispatched and received, and it is closed now.

Deleting & Reviewing STR Records

Only open STR with ‘awaited’ status can be deleted.’ Dispatched or received STRs cannot be deleted.

You can review all STRs, no matter what the status, by selecting a record in the grid and clicking the review button.

Searching STR Records

You can search for records using various search criteria. For example, you can search STRs created within a certain date range, or STRs of a particular store or status, etc. Just select the search options and click the Search button.

All STR records falling within the search criteria will be displayed in the grid.

Receiving or Dispatching Stock Buttons

When you select the STR record with ‘Awaited’ status, the Dispatch button will be enabled. You can click it to dispatch the selected STR.

Dispatch button

Similarly, if the STR record with ‘Dispatch’ status is selected ‘Receive’ button will be enabled and you can click it to receive the STR.

Receive button

Printing STR

From the grid select the STR you want to print and click the respective enabled button depending on the STR Status. The stock transfer tab will show our record and from there we can click on the print icon to print our STR. The record print will show full details of the STR record like its status, destination store, dispatch store, date, etc.

STR print

Or you can also email depending on your requirements

Email str

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