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Store Employees

Depending on the size of a business, there can be a few or many employees working at a retail store. These employees may or may not be working on various Nimbus screen. This means some of the employees will be users (working on the application) and others will not be users (not working on the application).

Whether users or not, it is helpful to keep record of all your employees. You can define all your store employees and attach employee type to each employee.

To define Store Employees, from the main menu select Configuration>Store Configuration>Store Employees.


Defining Store Employees

To define a new employee click the New button on the top right side of the screen or click Store Employees tab.

In the Employee Name field enter the designation of the employee.

Enter code in the Employee Code field.

Note: Employees codes attached to salespersons will appear on Sales and Return screen when a salesperson is selected while making a receipt.

Item wise sale person selection on sales and return screen also shows employee codes.

From the Store drop down select the store of the employee.

From the Employee Type drop down select the role of the employee.

In the Salary field enter the salary amount of that specific employee.

Enter Comments about the designation if any.

Select the Start Date and End Date by clicking on the calendar icon next to these fields respectively.

Note: End date is mentioned if you want to deactivate the selected store employee. Store employee will be deactivated from that date onward.

In this list, all the users of the selected store are visible. If you have mapped any user to a sales person then on login of this attached user, that particular sales person will be automatically selected on the Sales and Return screen and will not be editable.

Note: One user cannot be mapped against multiple sales person.

Set As Sales Person check box: All those employees for whom this checkbox is marked, will appear in sales person list on the Sales and Return screen while making a receipt.

Then click Save.

Store employees

The Records tab of the screen will show list of all defined employees. For chain stores, records of employees at each store can be viewed by selecting the Store.

Records tab

in Store Configuration