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Supplier Account Opening

To access the Supplier Account Opening screen, from the main menu select Parties>Supplier Opening Balance.

Supplier Opening Balance Records

The default Records screen shows the opening balances of all your suppliers.

To check the opening balance records of a particular supplier, from the Supplier Name drop-down, select Supplier.

Selecting supplier

The opening balances of the selected supplier will load in the grid.

Selected supplier record

Note: Ten latest records will be visible. From the Go to Page drop-down (at the bottom of the page) you can select the next page to view more records.

Locking Supplier Transactions

Locking transactions at regular intervals helps streamline your accounts and keep your data processing faster.

Locking supplier transactions till a specific period simply means that the current balance of the supplier is made the new opening balance.

How to edit a Supplier opening balance

When you select a supplier on the Supplier Account Opening screen, the supplier’s last saved opening balance will be visible in the Opening Balance field. Make changes to it and click the update button.

Supplier opening balance screen

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