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Tax Configuration

Tax Configuration

To enter information about how tax and discounts will be configured for the defined shop, expand the Tax Configuration section.

Store-Based VAT: Check if uniform VAT is applicable to all products sold at a particular store.

VAT Percentage: The percentage entered here will be applicable to all products.

Apply VAT: This drop-down menu gives you three options. Select the one you want to use for the selected store

Note: If you select Use System Configuration Settings, the setting on the Sale tab of System Configuration will become applicable.

Tax configuration

Configure Sales Tax for Restaurant Payments on Credit or Debit Cards

To apply a different sales tax rate for restaurants, follow these steps:

Check the ‘Sales Tax on Card Payment’ checkbox.

Input the desired sales tax percentage in the ‘Tax %’ field.

tax configuration for debit or credit card payments

Please note that the ‘Price Includes VAT’ checkbox should remain disabled. You can adjust this setting on the System Configuration>Sale screen. If the ‘Price Includes VAT‘ checkbox is enabled, it will appear checked here. To modify this configuration, click on the ‘Change‘ link, which will redirect you to the system configuration page, where you can uncheck the ‘Price Includes VAT’ checkbox.

Impact of Discounts on Tax

NimbusRMS gives you the option to apply VAT after the deduction of certain discounts. Mark the checkboxes against the discount types that you want the system to deduct before applying VAT.

Subtract Unit Discount: It is the discount that is either configured for items on the Discount screen or given on run-time while selling.

Subtract Customer Discount: This type of discount is configured on the Customer Type screen and then attached to the Customers.

Subtract Receipt Discount: It’s the discount that is deducted from the total amount of the sale receipt. It is a pre-configured discount which if configured will show the Receipt Disc checkbox as checked.

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