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Adding Modifiers While Taking Orders

How to Add Modifiers While Taking Orders on the Sales and Return screen

Navigate to the sales and return screen where you’ll be taking customer orders.

Choose the items from the menu that the customer wishes to order.

If modifiers are attached to the selected item, they will be visible in the order grid with the letter ‘M’ indicating their presence.

Click on the letter ‘M’ next to the item to load the modifiers attached to it.

sales and return- selecting modifiers with the order

From the loaded modifiers, select the ones you want to specify in order to customize it according to the customer’s preferences.

Note= Price Adjustment: If the selected modifiers have prices attached to them, the extra price will be added to the main order price automatically.

modifiers on sales and return-adding modifiers with the order

Once the order is finalized, send it to the kitchen. The kitchen receipt will display the selected modifiers to ensure the order is customized accordingly.

kitchen bill with modifiers

In the final bill presented to the customer, any added modifiers with price tags will be listed along with their additional costs

final bill with modifiers

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