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Bill Only Work Flow in Quick Serve & Take Away

How to Handle Bill Only Work Flow in Quick Serve & Take Away

Bill Only: Here the customer’s order is taken at the cash counter, payment is received, and the customer is asked to wait for the order. The customer on making the payment receives the printed sales receipt and it serves as a token number of the order. After a while, the customer can show the receipt to receive the order, or the order might be served at the table after checking the receipt number.

Click to check the Bill and Deliver workflow 

Let’s see how the Bill only billing process is handled in Nimbus Restaurant software:

From the top menu, select Quick Serve or Take away

Select customer and enter a new customer

Click the menu items to add to the order

From the left side menu, select Bill Only and click it

bill only option in quick serve and take away

The payment pop-up will appear

Bill only payment information

Enter the amount and Save

Print the Bill

If you have entered the customer’s name while taking the order, the name will be on the bill

Bill only sales receipt

The customer’s name and the receipt number will serve as the token number to identify the order

Now from the left side menu, select and click the button Open Orders

Select the order and click the link Print Kitchen Bill

Open orders screen

This will send the order to the kitchen printer. The Kitchen bill also will show the receipt number plus the customer’s name (if selected).

kitchen bill-bill only workflow

When the order is delivered, again select the Open Orders button from the side menu

Click the Close link against the delivered order. This order will disappear from the Open Orders screen.

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