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How to Process Online Orders

Processing Online Orders

All types of orders punched and entered into Shopify are processed on this screen.

Open the Un-Processed Online Orders screen

Look for the grid display on the screen.

Observe that all orders are currently shown as ‘Pending‘ in the grid.

unprocessed orders screen in Nimbus RMS

If any orders are not visible in the grid:

Click the “Load Un-Processed Orders” button.

Wait for the grid to populate with all unprocessed orders.

If a specific order is still not loaded in the grid:

Click the “Retrieve Order” button.

A pop-up form will appear.

Enter the order number in the provided field within the pop-up form.

retrieving orders

To check detailed information about a particular order:

In the “Action” column of the grid, find the corresponding row for the order you want to check

Click the “Show Details” link

order details

To process orders, click the Process button

Read this article to check how the orders will be processed in Nimbus RMS

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