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Unprocessed Orders & and their Types

 Un- Processed Orders

Unprocessed orders refer to orders that have been entered into Shopify but have not yet been handled or updated in Nimbus RMS. In other words, these orders exist in the Shopify system but are not reflected in the Nimbus inventory management software’s database or workflow.

The Unprocessed Orders screen will show different types of orders entered into Shopify that need to be handled/processed in Nimbus RMS. For example:

Fulfilled Orders

These are the orders entered in Shopify that have been processed, packed, and shipped to the customer.  These orders have been fulfilled by picking the items from inventory and preparing them for shipment. It is important that when an order is fulfilled, the Nimbus RMS stock record should also be updated accordingly to deduct the items from the available stock, ensuring accurate inventory levels.

Processing Fulfilled Orders on this screen will automatically make the following changes in Nimbus RMS:

Update inventory levels by deducting the shipped stock.

Create a sales invoice for the sold items

Enter courier charges for the shipment

Unfulfilled Orders

Unfulfilled orders refer to orders that have been placed by customers on Shopify but have not yet been processed, packed, and shipped. These orders are in a pending state and require further action from the store owner to fulfill them.

However, it’s important to note that the items in unfulfilled orders are automatically deducted from the inventory displayed in Shopify.

This is how Unfulfilled Orders will be Processed in NimbuRMS:

The items will be shown as ‘Shopify Hold Qty’ in Nimbus RMS online item stock report. This will keep inventory levels in sync in both Shopify and Nimbus RMS thus ensuring that inventory levels are updated and properly reflected across both platforms,

This prevents you from selling items that are allocated for pending online orders.

Canceled Orders

Canceled orders are orders that have been placed by customers but are canceled either by the customer or the store owner.

When Canceled Orders are Processed in Nimbus RMS, the inventory that was put on hold during the order-making process is updated to reflect the cancellation. The ‘Shopify Hold Qty’ is automatically added back to available stock.

Returned Orders

Returned orders in Shopify are orders that have been initially fulfilled and delivered to the customer but are subsequently returned by the customer for various reasons.

Processing Returned Orders on this  screen will automatically make the following changes in Nimbus RMS:

The system will create a sales return for the sold items

Nimbus RMS will add back the returned items to the available inventory increasing the stock count for the returned items

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