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Creating Security Groups

To access the Security Group screen, from the main menu select Security>Security Group.

Groups are created according to the nature of job responsibilities or departments in an organization. Creating user groups makes it easier to manage access to various features in the software. Various users belonging to the same department are assigned one group and when rights are assigned to or withheld from a particular group the setting will become applicable for all group members. All created groups appear will appear in the drop-down menu.

The following two user groups are by default in the system:

Admin: By default, the admin has all available rights. The user who creates a trial account or enters credentials after downloading the software is automatically assigned to the Admin user group. Other users created under this group will also have all available rights on every screen.

Shop: By default, this Shop user group is allowed access to shop related activities like sales and return, account transactions, customer definition, etc.

Creating a New User Group

User groups are created for all users who can access the system. You can create as many user groups as you want and each group can be assigned different rights.

Follow the step listed below to create a new user group:

In the Group Name field, enter a name for your group. The group name should describe the type of group it is and who its users will be. For example, you can call a group ‘managers’ and then define all managers under this group.

If you want to, you can add a description of the group in the Comments field.

Group name

Click Save.

All created groups will appear in the list view in the Records screen.

user groups Records tab

Updating and Deleting a Group

To make changes to the defined group, double click the group in the list view from the Records tab.

The group record will become active.

Make changes and click Update.

Similarly, to delete a group, double click the group in the list view from the Records tab.

Now click the Delete button to delete the record.

Note: Only Admin users can create, update or delete groups. To assign rights or permissions to groups, see Managing Group Rights

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